Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Dream Come True For Chocoholics & Candy Fans

Tourism Selangor gave Malaysians and visitors a chance to indulge and experience a variety of chocolates and candy from the state and beyond at the Selangor Chocolate & Candy Festival 2015. 

The event was officially launched by YB Tuan Amirudin Bin Shari, Selangor State Executive Councilor for Youth Development, Sports, Culture and Entrepreneur Development.

“The state fully supports events such as the festival, which is a good platform for companies to showcase their products to the chocolate loving public.  The Selangor Chocolate and Candy Festival is also a good avenue for businesses to develop their businesses and entrepreneurship qualities,” said YB Tuan Amirudin at the launch at the mall’s Atrium on Friday.

Held from 24 to 26 April from 10am to 10pm at Tropicana City Mall, the sweet festival is in line with Visit Selangor Year 2015 and Tourism Selangor’s plan to promote the Malaysian chocolate industry. The state of Selangor is home to a great many giant chocolate manufacturers such as Barry Callebaut, Nestle, Cadbury, Beryls, Fidani, Benns, Quantum, Network Food, etc.

Aside from locally made products, Selangor Chocolate & Candy Festival also featured imported items, thus offering the largest varieties of chocolate, candies, dessert, cakes, pastries, sweets, biscuits and drinks ever in Malaysia.

Amongst the brand showcased at the festival were Crispy, Tudor, Momentum, Shweets, Compal, Delacre, Cream of Creams, Damas Sweets, Coolstick, PumpOnTheGo, Mokaya, Love 18CC, ReeVo, Ryverra, Quantum, Fidani, Dareo, Rich Chocolates, Suji Sweets, and Cush Candy.

The Selangor Chocolate & Candy Festival is a part of the Malaysia Chocolate Fair and is the 9th event organised by Expomedia Events. The festival drew in a crowd of more than 20,000 to the 3 day event, which featured more than just chocolate and candy.

Visitors to the festival got the chance to try out and purchase a wide range of artisan chocolates, pralines, truffles, candies, gummies, baklavas, dragee, nougats, marshmallows, macaroons, cupcakes, brownies, chocolate mud cake, soft ice-cream and chocolate biscuits showcased by 30 participating companies from Malaysia.

The prestigious affair was a chocolate lovers dream, in addition to the flavours, colours, fillings and textures seen in delightfully prepared chocolates, cakes and hampers. There was also a chocolate-making demonstration by The Chocolate Museum. 

Among the highlights at the Selangor Chocolate & Candy Festival 2015 included a Street Magician, Magical Clown, Giant Chocolate Fountain, Chocolate Bar, Chocolate-making demonstrations, costume character giving away freebies and Mascot Appearance by Kris, the Dinosaur & Mat Kelip, the Fire Fly. Visitors also had the chance participate in activities such as The Great Chocolate Shoot Photography Competition, Crispy Colouring Contest, Fun Chocolate Quizzes, Chocolate Appreciation sessions.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Malaysia’s medical tourism received a boost when the country was declared as “Medical Travel Destination of the Year” at the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) Medical Travel Awards 2015. The event took place at the Royal Garden Hotel in London on 15 April.
Malaysia won the award based on all-round excellence in promoting inbound medical tourism, verified statistics of yearly growth in medical tourists served, evidence of high levels of patient satisfaction and coordinated activities that delivered an increase in medical tourism.
The “Medical Travel Destination of the Year” award was received by the Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) Sherene Azura Azli. MHTC was established in 2009 under the Ministry of Health to develop and promote Malaysia’s healthcare travel industry.
A total of 13 awards in four categories (Healthcare Provider and Agency, Marketing, Quality and Service, and Overall Achievement) were handed out at the ceremony. Malaysia’s private hospitals received several awards during the event, namely Excellence in Customer Service (Gleneagles Hospital, Kuala Lumpur), Best Quality Initiative of the Year (Imperial Dental Specialist Centre), Best Travel Website of the Year (Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare), International Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of the Year (Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre), and International Dental Clinic of the Year (Imperial Dental Specialist Centre).
Besides that, two hospitals also came in as the most Highly Commended hospitals. They are Imperial Dental Specialist Centre for its travel website and Prince Court Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur for its customer service.
Undoubtedly, these recognitions will not only help raise awareness on the country’s top notch and innovative healthcare facilities, but also its position as a premier world-class medical tourism destination.
In 2014, during the inaugural IMTJ Medical Travel Awards, Malaysia’s private hospitals swept three out of nine awards, i.e. International Hospital of the Year (Gleneagles, Kuala Lumpur), International Dental Clinic of the Year (Imperial Dental Specialist Clinic, Kuala Lumpur) and International Infertility Clinic of the Year (Prince Court Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur).
Organised by the IMTJ, which was established in 2007, the annual IMTJ Medical Travel Awards is a prestigious award that recognises innovation, excellence and best practices in the medical travel and medical tourism sector. It is judged by an independent panel of medical travel experts.
This year, the awards ceremony was held in conjunction with the IMTJ Medical Summit, which took place at the same venue from 15-16 April.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Are you a ‘simplicity searcher’ or a ‘social capital seeker’? New studyreveals how and why we will travel by 2030

By 2030 more than 1.8 billion of us will travel internationally every year, and what motivates us as well as how we behave will be radically different to today.

By the end of the next decade, some people will purchase and consume travel experiences almost entirely on the basis of how shareable they are, or how much ‘capital’ they generate, via social networks. Another group of travellers will demand total simplicity and freedom from having to arrange their own travel by 2030, wanting as much as possible to be done remotely, by third parties. At the same time, a dedicated group will emerge with a desire for only the most hedonistic, indulgent and must-have experiences.

These are just some of the forecasts made in Future Traveller Tribes 2030: understanding tomorrow’s traveller, a major new report which launches today identifying the different traveller personalities and segments the industry can expect to emerge and become prominent over the next fifteen years.

The research process involved interviews and workshops with industry experts as well as trend-spotting research with consumers in the relevant travel markets including Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea. Taking a psychographic rather than demographic approach, the report draws on Future Foundation’s proprietary consumer research forecasts to identify the six distinct traveller personalities as:

  • Social Capital Seekers will structure their holidays almost exclusively with online audiences in mind, relying heavily on peer reviews and recommendations to validate their decisions. A whole new market may open up based on “profile-boosting breaks”, filled with consciously feed-friendly moments  

  • Cultural Purists will look at holiday-making as a chance to immerse oneself in an alien - even uncomfortably so - culture, where enjoyment of the break depends on the authenticity of the experience

  • Ethical Travellers will make travel plans based on moral grounds, for example, decreasing their carbon footprint or improving the lives of others. They will often improvise or add some element of volunteering, community development or eco-sustainable activity to their holidays

  • Simplicity Searchers will prefer bundled offers, seeking to avoid managing too many trip details themselves. Holidays for this tribe represent a rare time in life to pamper oneself with the assurance of their safety and enjoyment

  • Obligation Meeters will be driven by a specific purpose for travel, whether business or leisure, and thus have constraints on time and budget; they will seek smart algorithm based technology that is able to remove the hassle of travel

  • Reward Hunters are only interested in indulgent travel. Many have come to crave something that represents an extraordinary reward or ‘must have’ premium experience, a return on their hard earned investment of time and energy in their working lives 

“The traveller today has more power than ever before. They are increasingly complex, empowered, and no longer want to be siloed into demographic groups of age, nationality and income. By 2030, hyper-customisation will be the default expectation among many customers. With Asia Pacific set to lead global travel growth through to 2030, it is particularly critical for all providers, buyers and sellers of travel in the region to truly understand these emerging ‘traveller tribes’ and make the right investment decisions now to gear towards future traveller preferences. Amadeus is playing a leading role in driving the travel industry forward is are working closely with our customers and partners to deliver a future travel experience that is more personalised, connected and sustainable,” commented Angel Gallego, President, Amadeus Asia Pacific


Nick Chiarelli, Director, Future Foundation commented: “Our research shows not just that the type of experience demanded by travellers in 2030 will be different to 2015 but that the way travellers buy and engage with the industry is also set to change. Over the next 15 years the desire to share travel experiences will be profound, and so too the impact of sharing on inspiration and purchase trends will grow. As consumers in developed markets approach a post-material era we expect a much greater focus on, first of all, experience, and second of all, ethics, both environmental and social, to significantly influence people’s travel choices and behaviours.”


To download the report and to see which tribe you belong to, please visit You can also download icons of the six traveller tribes via this link.

In June, you will be able to download a second complementary report, written by Frost & Sullivan, examining how the travel industry can specifically cater to the needs and individual purchasing habits of the six tribes identified in Future Traveller Tribes 2030: understanding tomorrow’s traveller.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Polemik Caj Perkhidmatan

Dalam sektor pelancongan  seperti di hotel dan restoran,  ketika ini pelancong perlu membayar kadar enam peratus untuk Cukai Jualan & Perkhidmatan (SST). Dalam masa yang sama sesetengah hotel dan restoran   mengenakan caj perkhidmatan dengan kadar 10 peratus.  Namun apabila GST dilaksanakan ia akan diselaraskan menjadi enam peratus sahaja menggantikan   Cukai Jualan dan Perkhidmatan (SST).
Namun bagi masyarakat yang kurang arif tentang cara perlaksanaan sistem GST ini, mereka  pasti akan keliru dan seterusnya tertipu dengan manipulasi harga serta  caj yang dikenakan oleh pengusaha hotel atau restoran.  

Rakyat keliru khususnya caj perkhidmatan diambil oleh restoran dan hotel yang mana kutipan ini tidak ada kena mengena dengan kerajaan.  Meskipun baru-baru ini Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri Koperasi & Kepenggunaan (KPDNKK) telah mengeluarkan arahan supaya restoran dan hotel
tidak  mengenakan caj perkhidmatan kepada pelanggan sekiranya kedua-dua pihak itu tida mempunyai perjanjian bersama (CA) antara majikan dan pekerja, namun ada juga pihak yang ingkar dengan arahan ini . Saya percaya ada pengusaha hotel dan restoran yang tidak senang dengan arahan daripada KPDNKK ini, namun saya percaya pihak KPDNKK punya alasannya yang tersendiri demi menjaga kepentingan pengguna.

Saya berharap agar 
pengusaha pelancongan tidak mengambil kesempatan dengan menjadikan GST sebagai alasan untuk menaikkan harga barangan dan perkhidmatan sewenang-wenangnya. Pengusaha pelancongan juga diharapkan agar lebih telus dan jujur dan tidak memanipulasi pelancong dengan maklumat GST yang tidak tepat.  Dalam masa yang sama pihak pengusaha pelancongan sewajarnya bersedia dengan sistem perakaunan dan jualan yang lebih bersistematik serta teratur seperti invoice dan resit berserta nombor pendaftaran GST.

Saya percaya bahawa sekiranya semua pihak sama-sama dapat menjayakan sistem GST ini dengan sebaiknya, ia akan memberikan kesan positif untuk semua pihak. Apa yang penting sekarang ini adalah  kita perlu lebih jujur dan sama-sama menjayakan aspirasi pelancongan negara dengan
memberikan perkhidmatan yang terbaik.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blessed Zam Zam Water for Iftar at Hadramawt Palace

Hadramawt Palace will be honouring its patrons with the ready to go Zam Zam water this coming Ramadhan. Announcing this delightful news was Ramzy Othman, Restaurant Manager who said that
the restaurant will be serving patrons breaking fast at their restaurant with a free bottle of  the Zam Zam water.
He added that accompanying the blessed water of Zamzam will be tamar or dates flown in all the way from Madeenah. This will be a novelty in Malaysia for a restaurant to include in its dining experience a bottle of Zam Zam water.
Hadramawt Palace wishes to bring the Middle Eastern experience to its patrons during the month of Ramadhan and Zam Zam water will be just that in addition to its the array of Arabic food buffet. They hope to continue this new tradition in years to come starting with this year's Ramadhan. Named after a region in Yemen, Hadramawt Palace Restaurant was founded on January 1, 2012 by a Yemeni owner.
Located in the golden heart of KL makes it a dining place not to be missed. The new  management of Hadramawt Palace, aimed to represent the best of Middle Eastern food in  Malaysia with high quality services. In order to make its dining experience available to all,  more branches will be opened in major cities starting with Malacca which started  operating on Feb 6, 2015. This new branch is at Bandar Baru Melaka and has been  launched by the TYT of Malacca in the presence of the State's Chief Minister.  The professional Yemeni chef in Hadramawt will provide guests the special taste of food as  Hummus, Tabouleh, Lamb Mandy, lamb Haneeth, Chicken Mandy, Chicken Maqluba and  a variety of Arabic dessert.

Restaurant Hadramawt Palace
No 251 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur


Over 20 adventure seekers took the chance to explore the highs and lows of Hulu Selangor’s white water rafting on Tourism Selangor’s well-known tourism discovery programme #TSDayOut.  
After departing at 8.30 am from Shah Alam, the entourage travelled 60kms to the quiet town of Kuala Kubu Baru, home of the Hulu Selangor River. Once reaching the base location, the participants were given a briefing by Mr Pie Abdullah, the operator of the programme and tips on having a successful white water rafting experiences. “People are now more interested in the online world compared to outdoors. Rivers are god given and should be enjoyed by people. One you are on the river, you learn to appreciate nature’s treasures,” said Pie Abdullah.
After getting their rafting gear, the group was transported to the starting point, a 5 minute drive away. While waiting for the water levels to rise, the group was divided into teams and played games for warm up and getting to know each other. 
While some participants tried ‘tubing’ using tyre tubes to go down the river, for the first time, others tried their hand at rafting. The adventure seekers, of different ages and backgrounds had a feel of the white water experience once before sportingly going for another round after the water levels had risen.
While on the river, the participants not only had to manoeuvre the boat with their paddles and listening to the instructions of the guides, they also got a chance to experience natural sights along the riverbank.  Some were thrown off their boats while others finished the white water rafting experience unharmed. All of them were wet but were jubilant after finishing their aquatic adventure.
 “One of the most interesting experiences was when our boat nearly capsized. It was a fun experience and something that tourists should try when visiting Selangor,” said Redha Rozlan, the winner of the second season of Malaysia’s Fear Factor.
Another celebrity who tried white water rafting for the first time was actor Nazrief  Nazri.
“It was a good experience and a lot of fun. More people should do this because it’s water sportsos good for exercise and it also helps to instill teamwork between family and friends,” he said.  
Writer Venessa Workman was pleasantly surprised that there was white water rafting in Malaysia.
“It was a good introduction to the natural spots in Malaysia and it’s good for families, to stay in Kuala Kubu Baru and come out here for a white water rafting adventure,” said the fan of outdoor sports.
Other than experiencing the white water rafting experience, participants also had the chance to join in the Instagram photo competition. This time around Tourism Selangor chose six participants who put up the best photos on the social media platform.
#TSDayOut is a popular programme for bloggers organised by Tourism Selangor. The idea of the event is to take invited bloggers to interesting destination in Selangor that most of them have never been to before and probably may not have gone on their own.
“ The event is also in line with Visit Selangor Year 2015, a yearlong campaign focusing on Nature, Sports and Heritage spots for locals and tourists to discover,” said Noorul Ashikin Mohd Din, Tourism Selangor’s General Manager.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Promosi Pakej Bermotorsikal Malaysia Di Phuket...

Tourism Malaysia berkerjasama dengan Asia Racing Development Sdn Bhd, Malaysia MotoTour, Sepang International Circuit (SIC) dan Ride Thailand untuk mempromosikan pakej-pakej sukan permotoran negara selain daripada pakej ‘two-wheel’ Tourism’ dan juga pakej MotoGP Malaysia 2015. Promosi tersebut diadakan bersempena dengan Phuket Bike Week 2015 yang diadakan di Thailand dan  dijual  bermula daripada harga RM1,200. Ia akan meliputi lawatan ke Kuala Lumpur dan Genting  Highland selain peluang menyaksikan perlumbaan Malaysia MotoGP pada bulan Oktober akan datang.
Menurut Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Tourism Malaysia, Dato’ haji Azizan Noordin, acara kali ini merupakan peluang terbaik untuk kita bersua dengan organisasi motosikal dari seluruh negara, agensi pelancongan serta pihak media untuk mempromosikan Malaysia sebagai destinasi percutian terbaik bagi penunggang motosikal. Di samping sistem lebuh raya yang bagus, pemandangan yang menarik dan cantik, tempat-tempat bersejarah, Malaysia juga kaya dengan makanan yang pelbagai dan lazat semuanya untuk dinikmati oleh para pelancong.
Tourism Malaysia mensasarkan 100 pakej pelancongan dapat dijual dengan pulangan kepada negara sebanyak RM 200,000 sepanjang pameran ini berlangsung. Pada MotoGP2014 yang lepas, seramai 692 pelancong dari Thailand telah hadir dan 100 daripadanya telah membeli pakej pelancongan MotoGP 2014 yang secara keseluruhannya merekodkan jumlah pulangan kepada Negara sebanyak 1.5 juta. Tourism Malaysia bukan hanya mensasarkan pelancong dari Thailand, malah turut mensasarkan pelancong dari negara Indonesia, Singapura, Australia, serta beberapa lagi negara lain.
Secara keseluruhannya pembangunan pakej MotoGP 2014 ini telah menjanakan pendapatan pelancongan sebanyak RM 9,094,283 dan jumlah ini telah melebihi pencapaian 2003 yang merekodkan RM1.5 juta serta sasan yang ditetapkan pada tahun ini iaitu RM3.19 juta. Jumlah keseluruhan pelawat yang hadir ke hari perlumbaan pula mencatatkan 81,896 pengunjung di mana 74.84 peratus merupakan pelawat domestik manakala pelawat antarabangsapula mencatatkan 20,607 iaitu 25.16 peratus. Anggaran jumlah pendapatan pelancong dari pelancong asing ini telah merekodkan RM54.4 juta secara keseluruhannya dan membuktikan acara ini merupakan acara yang banyak menyumbang kepada pendapatan pelanconan negara.
Phuket Bike Week kali ini membawa tema ‘ASEAN Ride Together’! Menariknya tahun ini, jangkaan pernyertaan sebanyak 10,000 peminat motosikal daripada seluruh negara dan ia dilihat sebagai salah satu peluang untuk mempromosikan Malaysia sebagai destinasi percutian terbaik dengan penggunaan motosikal sebagai tarikan unik.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Taiwan Travel Fair 2015

Khas buat anda yang sedang merancang memilih destinasi terbaik untuk melancong pada tahun ini, apa kata kita ke Taiwan! Bagi menarik minat masyarakat Malaysia untuk  melancong ke Taiwan, baru-baru ini Biro Pelancongan Taiwan Kuala Lumpur (Taiwan Tourism Bureau Kuala Lumpur, TTBKL) telah menganjurkan Pameran Pelancongan Taiwan buat kali pertamanya di Malaysia. Bertemakan “Masa untuk Menikmati Kehidupan” pameran tersebut telah diadakan di Pusat Membeli-belah 1 Utama, di mana orang ramai boleh mendapatkan tawaran yang terbaik untuk perlancongan ke Taiwan menerusi pameran ini.Menurut pengarah TTBKL, David Tsao, sepanjang dua tahun beliau berada di Malaysia beliau mendapati warga Malaysia sangat mementingkan hubungan silaturahim sesama sendiri dan ia adalah budaya yang sama seperti masyarakat di Taiwan. “Melancong merupakan salah satu cara terbaik untuk menghabiskan masa berkualiti bersama keluarga. Dengan  adanya Pameran Pelancongan Taiwan ini, TTBKL berharap dapat menawarkan pakej pelancongan yang terbaik untuk keluarga di Malaysia. Kami bekerjasama dengan agensi-agensi pelancongan terkemuka dari Taiwan dan Malaysia agar pakej yang ditawarkan adalah lebih menarik untuk destinasi-destinasi pelancongan di Taiwan. Ia juga termasuk pakej khas atau lawatan khas yang disediakan untuk para pelawat Muslim,” terang Tsao lagi. Daya tarikan Taiwan yang unik menjadikan negara itu sebagai destinasi kegemaran pelancong Malaysia terutama buat pelancong Muslim. Anda tidak perlu risau untuk mencari makanan halal dan tempat untuk menunaikan solat kerana Taiwan menawarkan pakej yang terbaik untuk pelancongan Muslim. Sewaktu pameran Pelancongan Taiwan berlangsung, pengunjung yang hadir telah berpeluang untuk menonton persembahan kebudayaan, mempelajari seni kraftangan Taiwan, serta terdapat taklimat mengenai pelancongan eksklusif di Taiwan. Pengunjung juga dihidangkan dengan sampel makanan yang terkenal di Taiwan.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Anugerah Pelancongan Malaysia kembali lagi... Anugerah berprestij dalam industri pelancongan negara kali ini bakal menampilkan beberapa kelainan khususnya dalam kategori yang dipertandingkan. Kali ini Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan Malaysia akan memperkenalkan beberapa perubahan bagi memberi gambaran yang lebih baik terhadap lanskap industri pelancongan global yang terkini. Ia kini mempunyai 14 kategori dan 50 subkategori untuk dipertandingkan.

Anugerah berprestij  yang memasuki edisi yang ke-19 ini dianjurkan pada setiap dua tahun sekali. Ia merupakan satu penghormatan kepada mereka yang cemerlang dan sentiasa memberi sokongan padu terhadap pembangunan pelancongan di Malaysia dan bertindak sebagai insentif bagi para peserta untuk berusaha dengan lebih keras lagi bagi mencapai tahap profesional serta kualiti yang tertinggi dalam pembangunan produk dan perkhidmatan.

Ia telah berkembang daripada program penghargaan yang hanya tertumpu kepada skop pelancong dan perjalanan sahaja kepada keseluruhan industri perkhidmatan yang turut menghargai kepentingan pengunjung tempatan. Ia juga mengiktiraf para penggiat industri yang mampu menghasilkan idea di luar batasan bagi membangunkan produk dan perkhidmatan yang unik.

Anugerah Pelancongan Malaysia (APM) yang berprestij ini memberi penghargaan dan pengiktirafan kepada para penggiat industri pelancongan tempatan dan antarabangsa atas sumbangan dan pencapaian cemerlang mereka dalam pembangunan produk-produk dan perkhidmatan yang inovatif. APM kali ini adalah edisi yang ke-19 dan dianjurkan setiap dua tahun sekali.


Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan Malaysia kini membuka pencalonan bagi 14 kategori anugerah seperti yang berikut :


• Pengusaha Pelancongan Tempatan Terbaik
• Pengusaha Pelancongan Antarabangsa Terbaik
• Artikel Pelancongan Terbaik
• Penerbitan Pelancongan Terbaik
• Perkhidmatan Hotel Terbaik
• Tarikan Pelancongan Terbaik
• Pakej Pelancongan Terbaik
• Pemandu Pelancong Terbaik
• Pusat Beli-Belah Berinovasi
• Inap Desa Terbaik
• Spa Terbaik
• Restoran Berinovasi
• Dokumentari Pelancongan Terbaik Mengenai Malaysia
• Promosi Online Terbaik Mengenai Malaysia

Dua kategori baru yang telah diperkenalkan ialah:
a. Dokumentari Pelancongan Terbaik Mengenai Malaysia
– Anugerah ini memberi pengiktirafan kepada  penerbitan dokumentari pelancongan  mengenai Malaysia yang ditayangkan dalam pelbagai medium elektronik dan dalam talian (online).

b. Promosi Online Terbaik Mengenai Malaysia
Anugerah ini memberi pengiktirafan kepada pengusaha yang mempromosikan pelancongan Malaysia secara dalam talian.

Selain itu, kategori Pengusaha Pelancongan Antarabangsa Terbaik telah diperluaskan dari 10 kepada 18 subkategori, manakala Penerbitan Pelancongan Terbaik pula tidak lagi terhad kepada majalah pelancongan sahaja. Kini, ia turut terbuka kepada medium penerbitan lain seperti coffee table book, guide book tempatan dan antarabangsa yang membuat liputan mengenai Malaysia.
Pertama kali diperkenalkan pada tahun 1987 oleh Kementerian Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Pelancongan, dan dikenali sebagai “Anugerah Emas Pelancongan Malaysia” tetapi dijenama semula sebagai “Anugerah Pelancongan Malaysia” pada 1993 bagi menggambarkan keunggulan anugerah tersebut dan juga imej korporat Tourism Malaysia.

Borang-borang pencalonan boleh dimuat turun melalui laman web atau Borang yang telah lengkap dan sebarang pertanyaan boleh dihantar ke:
Jawatankuasa Penghakiman
Sekretariat Anugerah Pelancongan Malaysia 2014/2015
Lembaga Penggalakan Pelancongan Malaysia
Tingkat 2, No. 2, Menara 1
Jalan P5/6, Presint 5
62200 Putrajaya


Tarikh tutup ialah 30 Jun 2015.

Lestarikan Alam Sekitar

Jika hutan mampu bersuara, barangkali kita akan mendengar tangisan deritanya tatkala manusia dengan rakus meneroka  setiap pelosok tubuhnya. Sikap ego manusia yang begitu tamak memusnahkan eko sistem memberikan kesan terhadap kelestarian alam. Tidak cukup dengan hutan diteroka, pencemaran udara dengan pembakaran terbuka juga semakin mendominasi alam ini. Banjir besar yang melanda negara baru-baru ini adalah ‘hadiah’ buat manusia yang membuat onar kepada alam. Malangnya manusia yang tidak berdosa juga turut menerima akibatnya.

Dalam konteks pelancongan khazanah rimba alam semula jadi merupakan asset yang amat penting dalam memastikan kejayaan industri eco tourism (pelancongan eko) negara. Meskipun negara kita mempunyai banyak lagi tarikan pelancongan yang berdaya maju, tapi tarikan pelancongan yang berasaskan eco tourism ini mempunyai keistimewaanya yang tersendiri. Keunikan inilah yang sepatutnya kita eksploitasikan sebaik-baiknya dalam menarik perhatian pelancong dari dalam dan luar negara.

Pelancong asing sanggup datang beribu-ribu kilometer dari jauh semata-mata untuk datang melihat kepelbagaian spesies flora dan fauna yang ada di negara kita. Mereka juga sanggup datang dari jauh untuk melihat dan menghayati sendiri keajaiban alam formasi batu-batu yang unik di Geopark Langkawi. Pada kita apalah sangat yang ada pada batu-batu di geopark itu. Tapi bagi mereka yang tahu menghargai alam semula jadi, mereka dapat menilai khazanah alam itu dalam perspektif yang maha luas.

Sudah tiba masanya kini kita menghentikan rintihan derita alam yang telah lama menagih sedikit belas ihsan dan pengertian daripada sang khalifah yang bergelar manusia. Setiap aspek penjagaan dan pemuliharaan alam sekitar demi kepentingan bersama perlu kita laksanakan secara berterusan dan dengan kadar segera.   

Pada kesempatan ini, saya merayu dan menyeru agar kita semua dapat lebih peka terhadap usaha-usaha pemeliharaan alam semula jadi. Setidak-tidaknya hargailah alam semula jadi yang kita ada. Kunjungi dan lawatilah destinasi percutian alam semula jadi kita dan peliharalah kebersihan kawasan yang kita kunjungi itu. Jangan sampai kita mencemarkan alam semula jadi yang cukup berharga ini. Semoga dengan usaha kita yang sedikit ini industri eco tourism kita akan terus berkembang maju sekali gus memberi peluang kepada generasi yang akan datang dapat turut sama menghayai khazanah alam  ini.